Twiss Smith Productions

By on April 30, 2020

Written by: Julz Mancini

Being diagnosed with a learning disability didn’t stop this talented, young producer. Twiss utilized his disability as the driving force behind his musical talent. During his youth Twiss was forced into the church scene and told he was to play the organ. However, he had an innate feeling that he was meant for something different. As a teenager, Twiss learned to play the piano and began to build his confidence related to music. While learning to play the piano, Twiss turned to production. 90’s R&B and neo-soul were his two influences when it came to creating his music. As his creations started to blossom, so did his ability to network and create relationships with artists and other producers. Since the birth of his production talent, Twiss Smith has produced music for many independent artists including, Evamo, Yonas K Beatz, K-Quick, Julz, J Waiters, Triple T, Thir3een Beatz, and more. He has also had many features on popular sites such as “ThisIs50”, “Xclusive Magazine”, and “Hood Illustrated”. Being appointed by Tone P, a producer for Wale, as an important building block in Minnesota’s “Who’s Got Talent” showcase, assisted Twiss Smith in comprising the capabilities to help organize future shows. As a result of this, he was able to book T-Rell for a concert in 2018. “Having T-Rell sing to my beats was definitely a life-changing experience. It showed me that the sky is the limit. It proved that, one day, I will have major names singing and rapping over my music”, Twiss explains.

This unique producer, not only makes music. He is an entrepreneur. He took his music and went a step further. He branded himself, a key component to standing out in this industry. Twiss Smith Productions is also a clothing line, offering a variety of clothing with his logo attached. He also created an app to keep his fan-base up to date with new beats, new merchandise, etc. Twiss thrives off of the satisfaction of his followers. He is passionate, consistent, talented, and determined to reach the top!

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