@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with @MizzSkyy_2z2y

By on December 3, 2020

Q: For those that don’t know, can you please tell them a little about Mizz Skyy.

Mizz Skyy is an R&B/ Hip Hop Artist and Inspiring Model. I was in Washington DC with my dad (where I was the only child) then later moved to South Carolina with mom and 5 siblings. I’ve been singing as long as I could talk but I’ve been on my musical journey for 2.5 years now. I’ve toured to many cities and states all over reaching fans through my music. I have music out on all major platforms and one tilted “4 Play” that im currently pushing as my single. I too have a dope video out on YouTube for that particular single that is a MUST WATCH & LISTEN! I put a lot into that project with the confidence it would be that single to really elevate me enough to reach that next level in my career.  Definitely check it out and leave feedback.

Q: What inspired you to get into modeling, and music?

Music and modeling always went hand and with me. I mean what artist that you know of that doesn’t model too in a since. Music was my first love and escape from reality. It took me to another place when I would get lost in my lyrics. Others relating to my music only makes it that much more special

Q: Who were some of your favorite mainstream artists that you listen to coming up?

Oh my I absolutely loved Brandy and Monica. They were the two I would look in the mirror singing their songs trying to mimic their vocals. Of course theirs also my all time favorite Whitney Houston and if you wasn’t trying to sing her songs then you wasn’t an Inspiring singer! Lol

Q: Can you recall the first song that you ever recorded?

I actually recorded my first solo project titled Destined back in 2018 when I first came out as an independent artist. “Destined” was my baby because it introduced to the world the kind of artist Skyy was representing.  I displayed both sides of my artistry in that single and I still don’t believe it has reached its peak yet!

Q: How did you come up with the name Mizz Skyy?

I actually was brainstorming with some artists friends of mines years ago when we were recording from the closet. We were trying to come up with a name for me and one if my friends came up with “Mizz Skyy” . It stuck ever since just had to wait the right moment to really introduce her to the world.

Q: If you could work with any mainstream artist, who would it be, and why?

I’d have to say Kash Doll because 1. She definitely underrated and one of THE BEST female mc’s I know. Her personality is so me so the link is going to be CRAZY when it finally does happen!

Q: What can we expect from Mizz Skyy in the next 12 month?

Expect to see and hear a lot of me whether its musically,  acting, modeling, or speaking out for what’s right. Just know this is only the beginning so my list of goals have yet to be accomplished in this industry. I never limit myself to my capabilities so I’m honestly ready to see myself because my determination alone won’t let me fail. 

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