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@TheRReport1 Next To Blow: REAL

By on September 2, 2020
REAL is an Atlanta based artist who has been honing her writing skills for the past several years. Originally a poet, REAL blended her smooth way with words and decided to combine them with an instrumental. REAL has been doing music since 2010 but finally decided to share her music with the world April 2019. REAL is “a rapper with heavy R&B influences” and tends to write music her audience can relate to.

In 2019, REAL released two projects, one being “Spiritual Journey”, on July 2nd, with “WhoDis?” as her leading single. “WhoDis?” is a summer track that is bound to get you hype and ready to turn up the moment you hear it. The other project is “A Scorpio’s Love Story” and it was released on November 15th (REAL’s Birthday). “A Scorpio’s Love Story” is literally an album that tells a love story from the perspective of a Scorpio. You all get to access the mind of a Scorpio and really see why they’re known to be the most romantic and seductive zodiac sign. This project has two singles, “In My Bedroom” and “Off of U”. “In My Bedroom” is a sexy bedroom track that makes your imagination wonder and “Off of U” is a track for anyone who has dated someone that played too many games and started acting funny and shady in the relationship. Be sure to check out both projects, they’re OUT NOW !
Vision and Vibes was quoted saying that REAL is “Filled with clever punchlines” and “Has music you can vibe to”. On Valentine’s Day REAL released a project titled “REAL Love” with the leading single “Circus Freak”.  

All of REAL’s music can be found on several streaming platforms. Check REAL out on your favorite music platform and vibe out. Catch REAL on a show called “Taste: ATL” and a web series called “Torn Between Lovers”, both are due to release in 2020.

Oh, and don’t forget “REAL GOT THOSE VIBES”.

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