Ice Cube Calls Out the NBA For Using BIG3 Rules In the All Star Game

By on February 18, 2020

Ice Cube apparently has a bone to pick with the NBA.

The 2020 NBA All-Star Game went down on Sunday night (Feb. 16) and featured a new format including how the teams where picked and game play itself. At least one new rule, the decision to play without a running clock, is already being used in Cube’s professional basketball league, Big3. The rap legend didn’t let the similarities go unnoticed.

On Sunday, the NBA tweeted in promotion of the updated All-Star game rules. Cube replied, “Oh really? Where should I send my invoice?” implying he should be paid for his idea being used.

The no clock rule added to the excitement of the game in which the teams were shooting for an established score of 157 instead of battling against the clock. Cube took credit for the NBA making the adjustment in a follow-up tweet.

“The forward thinking of ⁦@thebig3 is taking our credit for helping the ⁦@NBA make the 4thQ of yesterday’s ASG one to remember,” he posted. “Many will try to pull the Elam Rule out their asses, but we proved in 2017 that no game clock is the future. #nogarbageminutes.”

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