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By on May 2, 2020

Consistency, working hard, and being humble are the three key factors for the aspiring music pioneer Ju Ju Swag Shawty.  It is acknowledged that he has an awesome versatility being from Manila, Philippines based off his form of command and range of expression as Ju Ju adapted to the cultural environment change when his family transitioned to Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Phenomenally born with talent, over the years, Ju Ju decided to do what brings him please and ease by pursing his path in the music industry. He decided to write words that painted exquisite realities of his life while he communicates through his thoughts, feelings, and dreams.
 In Jan. of 2020 “Traded Hearts” the album was dropped under Souf State Connected Records and has received rave reviews. He previously set a high precedent with several previous releases and this one is no different.  Even though he changed the content of this project (hence the title) from previous projects, he still is able to captivate listeners with his talent.  His style is that of a lyricist while being very articulate, out spoken, entertaining and real at the same time.
Staying focused with his plan intact, Ju Ju is on a constant move as he works towards his dream project with this being in the preparatory stage. He produced, wrote and engineered several tracks on the new album including the singles “Water” and “Walking Outside”. The goal is a solo project, as Ju Ju himself creates everything from the artistry, engineering, and production with the aspirations of the project going platinum.  Seen as a major influence to many, Ju Ju is driven to inspire others by giving back to the community and encouraging them to live their dreams while always working hard to improve for the better.
            Ju Ju has won several awards including the “2019 Superstar Hood Idol award”, 2018 ECMD Artist of the Year, 2017 Southeast Artist of the Year, 2018 NMHHA Artist of the Year, 2019 Lyricist of the Year just to name a few along with being nominated for countless of other awards throughout his illustrious career.
 Ju Ju’s philosophy is “To grind hard, stay consistent, be humble, and be creative with originality.
 For booking contact [email protected] or call 601.669.6152
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