@TheRReport1 April Producer of the Month: @mikeawesome_bsgo

By on April 3, 2020
Mike Saunders, also known as Mike AWESOME is an up and coming producer out of Atlanta. Mike has tracks with artist like Shawty Boy, Windsor Jones, Yung Ralph, LoyalTee, Joe Gifted and the list goes on and on. Mike AWESOME also has collaborative efforts with big producers in the game like Yung Lan, Timmydahitman, ProtegeBeats, KCdaBeatmonster and that list goes on as well. Mixing melodic chords with strong trunk beating 808’s his sound has caught the ears of artist and music moguls alike. “I started making beats in about 2008, basically as a hobby because most of my friends were rapping and I wasn’t a fan of the spotlight so I had to learn something more behind the scenes because I still wanted in,” says AWESOME. After a few years of working and developing his sound Mike linked back up with his rapper friend Windsor Jones and became a part of the BSGO Music Group in around 2015 and shortly after that the affiliation with 411 Pain came when Windsor became the one of the law firms brand ambassadors. “My relationship with Windsor and the whole 411 Pain movement opened doors for bigger opportunities and placements, and I just always network, i love hearing artist on my beats so I try to work with everybody, I never know  who gone be the next to blow,” says AWESOME. Mike AWESOME states that his main goals at the moment are making a record that can go to number one, being inspired to make Grammy winning music and songs that bring home platinum plaques. “I am having fun working with all kinds of artist, but I am definitely chasing that big breakout record, its coming soon,” says AWESOME. Mike AWESOME seems to be a producer that is definitely on the rise and looks to be around for a long time.

Affiliation ASCAP:
IPI # 363804556
IG: @mikeawesome_bsgo
Email: awesomebangaz55@gmail.com

Credits: Windsor Jones, JMoney, Joe Gifted, Yung Ralph, Shawtyboy, LoyalTee, Jaylii

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