@TheRReport1 March Ms Unique of the Month: @MsTannaBoo1

By on March 1, 2021

Inspired by Betty Wright as a toddler,  The Soul & R&B artist, songwriter, and IHustle Muzik first lady Ms Tanna Boo knew instantly she had the power to encourage, uplift, & strengthen others through something she loved, which was music. Her passion for writing began in an after school poetry program where her mother enrolled her in at W. O. Palmer Elementary school located in her hometown Greenville, Al. Inspired by Mya Angelou her writing deepened! Years later her mom moved to the city of Luverne, Al.. There she began singing. She discovered how talented her voice was after winning several talent show contests! Many suggested that she audition for American Idol. To which she never pursued it, but never stopped writing and singing! Until, the year of 2006 Ms Tanna Boo was introduced to someone whom she thought would help further her music career! Unfortunately that lead into a bad life experience for her that traumatize her and decreased her interest in becoming an artist! A few years past and she decides to give it another try! She has now reached the age of recognizing why Mya Angelou and Betty Wright played a huge role in her life. She notice how they empowered women! Through her harmonizing voice, positive vibes, and extra ordinary classy unique fashion she hopes to set a great impact amongst the young generation!

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