@TheRReport1 April Ms Unique of the Month: @silly_shay123

By on April 2, 2021
My name is Asnia,
 I am from Miami and have been living in Atlanta for about 7 years now, I am Haitian American so yes i speak two languages. I officially started to go for my modeling career in December 2020. I always wanted to since I was little but I grew up in a strict household so I was never able to just go out to auditions or able to apply to any castings, All i was able to do was watch it so Americans next top model taught me what i know today. Modeling has always been a passion of mines and I plan to succeed in that plus acting. I am ambitious and driven, I thrive on every challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. I love to be creative and coming up with different looks for my photo shoots, I am a team player and I am loyal. If i can choose five words to describe myself i will say Friendly, Extrovert, Reliable, Persistent, Organized and Energetic.

TikTok & IG: @silly_shay123

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