@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with REAL

By on January 19, 2020

1) For the one’s that don’t know, can you tell the people a little bit about REAL?

My name is REAL, I am an artist/rapper, model, and an actress. I moved to Atlanta in 2015. I’ve been doing music since 2010. My music style is different. I mixed my poetic background with an instrumental and became the artist I am today. 

2) Who were some of the mainstream artists that influence you to do music as you was coming up?

I loved Tupac growing up. I loved how poetic and raw he was with his music. I was a big Queen Latifah, Nas, Common, and LL Cool J fan as well. They all have had a strong impact on my music and who I am as an artist. 

3) At what age did you decide that music was something that you really want to do?

Well, I started off doing poetry. I’ve been writing poems since I could write. I didn’t start doing music until 2010, so I was 21 at the time. A friend of mine was playing instrumentals while I was writing a poem and I realized at that very moment that I had a passion for music I didn’t know existed.

4) What is the your definition for your recording name REAL?

It was a name given to me. I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc and REAL is my Line Name. My Dean and line sisters used to say I was “REAL” about any and everything. If you wanted to know something, then you’d ask me because I’d be “REAL” with you.  

5) I see that you’re very R&B influences. Where does the motivation to write, and record comes from?

My R&B influences come from me being a hopeless romantic. I love the idea of love. I love the idea of romance. But, everyday situations motivate me to write. All of my songs are about something I went through or about something someone close to me has gone through. Life motivates me everyday to write.

6) I asked every independent artist this question? If you could work with any mainstream artist, who would it be with, and why?

I have three artists in mind, Summer Walker, 6lack, and Bryson Tiller. They all are poetic with their words and they all have coined their own styles musically. They all made it okay to go about music in an unorthodox manner and I like that. I would love to work with them. I could see myself on a track with them now. That would be crazy !!!

7) 2019 was a very productive year for you. You released two projects. Spiritual Journey, and A Scorpio’s Love Story. What made you decide to drop 2 projects within a couple of months?

“Spiritual Journey” was released around a time I felt the spiritual journey I started to embark on had begun. I released it July 2nd because that was the FIRST time I had ever performed my music in front of a crowd. So, that date and time had great importance to me. I was always my biggest critic, so it took me 9 years to finally show everyone who REAL was. I released “A Scorpio’s Love Story” in November because I always release a project around my birthday. It’s sort of a gift to myself for being able to see another year and continue this thing called life. Everyone thought I was crazy for releasing two project within 4 months, but I love writing and I love music. I’m in grind mode right now; I can’t let my foot off the gas

8) So what can we expect from REAL in the new year of 2020?

You can expect an EP dropping next month on Valentine’s Day titled “REAL Love”. I’m acting on a show and a web series both scheduled to release in March. I’m on another web series that’ll start production the end of the month. I’ll be in several fashion shows and of course more music. 

9) The R Report Magazine would like to think you for taking time out of your schedule to conduct this interview. Are there any last comments that you want to make?

To anyone who is reading this, continue to follow your dreams. Remain dedicated, remain discipline, and become grateful and appreciative for everything in your life. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you or deter you from your goals. I wish you all the best on your future endeavors. Keep grinding. Thanks again for this interview, I am truly grateful. Wishing you all a prosperous 2020. Peace and Love. 

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