@TheRReport1 2020 Impact Player of the Year: @BunkieWhite

By on January 4, 2021

One of the artists that kept it going throughout 2020 year Quitman’s own Bunkie White. Bunk have always exceeded his expectations, but last year he took it up another level. Making his label CNO Dreams a household name. Bunkie bought his entire block back calling it Nipsey Hut. Even with the pandemic spiking, he continue to release new music with Mike Smiff, Tom G, Koly P, and Greezy. Not only did he release new music, but he also dropped visual with all of his singles. He also released his highly anticipated album That’s On Everything, and a month later released a project with Dreak called Life Stories After Life Stories. Bunk have several businesses in which he supports his community. On top of that he host Wild Out Wednesday’s every week at Lucky’s in Remerton Georgia. Bunk is consistent in everything that he does. We’ll glad to announce that he’s The R Report Magazine 2020 Impact Player of the Year.

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