Brandon Love, Owner Of Fashion Line “Trap House Junkie Collection” Soars to New Heights

By on April 10, 2021

Written by: Julz Mancini

Many forms of art are utilized as expression in which allows onlookers to receive a glimpse of who the creator is. Outlets such as music, visual art, poetry, and fashion, have helped transition people’s lives from ordinary to purposeful. I have had the honor and privilege of speaking with several creative individuals who have found their niche in a multitude of industries. Being introduced to Brandon Love, owner of Trap House Junkie 2.0, allowed me to get better acquainted with his passion for fashion. 

Growing up in Gadsden, Alabama, Brandon Love did not have it easy. But through the obstacles he faced, he was able to transform his hardships into success. With his keen eye for fashion trends, he began to notice that many clothing lines developed pieces for slim men and women. Love grew interested in forming a line of products that were geared toward people of all sizes. After hard work and dedication, he was able to break through the ceiling in which limited the embracement of plus size clothing. 

Winter of 2020 was a big year for Love, as he launched his clothing line, “Traphouse Junkie 2.0”. As he thrives in his new business he lives by the slogan, “Anywhere can be a trap as long as you’re a junkie with it”. Brandon Love strives to, not only create one of a kind pieces, but also yearns to inspire others to love what they do and pursue it. Due to his impeccable work ethic, Love has had the opportunity to dress and accessorize some of the top artists in the music industry. However, he also remains true to his word and continues to make affordable wardrobes for everyone. As he rises to the top of the fashion industry in the southern region, be sure to follow him throughout his journey. 


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