@TheRReport1 Next To Blow: Maserati Bud

By on February 1, 2021
Arthony Gaitor a.k.a BUD born and raised Liberty City Located in the heart of MIAMI,FL .
Dropped out of High School Shortly after many run ins with Miami Law Enforcement.. 
That lead Bud to the Miami Music Scene , To avoid Dade County Jail , Bud chose His love for the music , But still Had a Foot in the Streets .
An A&R from Slip n Slide Records caught wind of Buds Gutter Flow And street tenacity and Signed him as an artist under the Heavy Influenced label who had big names like Ric Ross , Plies, Trick Daddy.. 
Gaitor then begun to drop music, but wasn’t really happy about the direction of his career. 
After parting ways with Slip n Slide He was introduced to G-Unit Mogul 50cent though a Mutual friend .. 

Moved from Dade County to Atlanta
With a new Label . New Guidance ..
Fresh Start…
Under G-Unit Umbrella 
New single Streets Inside of Me 
Branson Cognac & Lecheminduroi

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