@TheRReport1 Next To Blow: LouCii LouCiianna

By on March 1, 2021
My name is Alexzondrea Walker but performance and nick name is LouCiianna (LouCii for short) . I was born January 25,1993 in St. Louis Missouri. The first time we knew I could sing was at 3years old! Singing the Sister Sister theme song! From then on sang in the church choir and school events ..I’ve even been on American Idol and gospel show Sundays Best. I’m an amazing song writer as well while on a audition I met Charlie Baltimore in 2015 and wrote for her! I discovered I could also rap after my father committed suicide January of 2018 I was sad and broken but God said don’t give up and I began broadening my craft . Piano violin and lyrics are also a special power I possess lol. If you asked me where I wanna be in the next 3 years I wanna be GLOBAL I want my music to take you on a journey , my lyrics and sound are like no other! I like to think I’m a mixture of Aaliyah / LeftEye/ Ciara with a dash of Whitney and soul like Tina! I don’t compare my rapping to anyone but influenced by Nicki Minaj , Queen Latifah , Roxanne Roxanne, to name a few! My style is unmatched and you may hear me say “F a hot girl summer”! “I’m popping year round”! Lol I’m humble sensitive goofy and loving and I’m Next To Blow!

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