@TheRReport1 Next To Blow: @Gunja3300

By on June 4, 2021
Jamall Ford is this young man’s given name but the industry knows him better by his stage name Gunja and that name hits you smoother than a pearl rolling down freshly spun silk. Born in Huntsville, Alabama on December 30th, 1993 his path was already set and the universe was just waiting for him to take that 1st step. Gunja brings his likable personality, humor, relatability to real-world situations to his music; which stay in your head long after you have heard them. Gunja has been in the industry doing music seriously for 10+ years with no end in sight with plans to collaborate with artists of all genres. Currently, living in Atlanta, GA he has worked with numerous artists, one whom you might know is (Big Yavo).   From his single ” dooda bug” which has prompted a dance challenge to those on TikTok to the newly released track and video “In Due Time”, with an extensive catalog,  Gunja’s goal as an artist is to become a nationwide household name and has only scratched the surface of his many talents.

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