@TheRReport1 Hip Hop MVP of 2019: @newyankcity

By on January 2, 2020
2019 was a great year for the independent artist with a lot of good music coming out. But it was one person that really pushed it to another level in 2019. That person is Yank. Being a music publication, I’m basically on the outside looking in. Yank was very consistence, very serious about this music. Over the past few years I have watched Yank grow from his debut mixtape New Yank City, to dropping to classics within a matter of month in 2019. I can’t call then mixtapes, cause Yank put out 2 classic albums. Profound, and New Yank City 3 Rare Form were both masterpieces. Yank single Excel got him radio play among several radio stations. He also performed countless shows last year. Dropping 2 full length albums within months speak volumes about him as a well rounded artist who’s serious about his music. That’s why Yank is The R Report Magazine Hip Hop MVP of 2019.

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