@TheRReport1 February’s Indie Spotlight: @laconda

By on February 1, 2021
LaConda Davies is one of the most dedicated and sedulous artist amongst her peers.
Her ultimate goal as a singer, songwriter and producer is to unleash her potential and evince to the entire male preponderant music industry that her talents also belong there. In Mid 2016 LaConda was able to start proving her worth by becoming the only and youngest female member of a well-known ”all male” band formerly known as “Gap Band’ and now known as “Gap Experience” with some of the original members . Taking on this opportunity was a no-brainer for her and gave her the prowess to press forward and venture further into her dreams of being a Super Star. She now has under her belt concerts of her sharing the stage with other legendary artist and bands. LaConda later went on to release her self-produced and undeniable hit single “I’m Ready feat. Don Diego”. With this fortuity, it gave her motivation to push her music harder which paid off and got her music on the ballot for the 2017 Grammys in 4 categories with 3 of her original songs, which included “Same Me”, “Going To Jail Tonight” and “I’m Ready”.
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Her attachment to music and performance is diverse enough to reach a large demographic and also has a powerful, and elegant signature that gives it a sense of consistency. This musician purist has a meaningful and heartfelt outreach that can’t be contained due to her abilities as a combined artist and producer.
As LaConda weaves through her musical journey, she still takes on other contingencies as they present themselves leaving no rock unturned. This protagonist is determined to hit any scene with a bang and with the intense intimacy she has for her craft she bids to win the hearts of many more fans.
While the journey has been an up and down adventure, LaConda has never given up and has worked unquestionably hard to make her own way in the industry by developing her craft and knowing were she fits in the entertainment business. Pay close attention as she shares her life stories through her powerful writing and beautiful melodies.

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