@TheRReport1 February Ms Unique of the Month: @getitgurl478 GoldiiLox Scott

By on February 1, 2020
Born and raised in Los Angeles California the entertainment business has always screamed to my soul.  But would grabbed me the most is me being able to take my words and turn them into a way that is so beautiful. I started out with poetry spoken words  and short stories. Then I began writing songs. Music is a part of my soul that never dies music is vibrations that are pure energy and I dance to the beat of a different drum. I’ve always thought of myself as the rose that grows from concrete. The diamond that has not been polished that. I got into radio by very great friend DJ Shad. DJ DJ Shad granted me the opportunity to have a platform where I could not only be myself I could learn and I can help others. The main thing in my life is wanting to see other people flourish do good and be happy in life. I’ve never been concerned about my own happiness is much as the happiness of other people around me that I love and care about. I like to help people I like to see people reach their dreams I like to see people reach their goals and if I could be a part of their very dream that sends them soaring into greatness I’m happy with that. I’ve never wanted the limelight I’ve always preferred behind the scenes. That’s why radio became my life. The voice with the face that you Don’t see the voice with the calming nature that you need the voice that speaks for you when you can’t speak for yourself. That’s what radio is brought to me. I could ask myself a million times what sets me apart what makes me different. But I always come up with the same thing the other people probably would say it’s my heart it’s my mind it’s my thoughts. When actuality to me what sets me apart from other people is the willingness to drive and ambition to want to see someone else do good and accomplish their goals. I feel blessed to have a platform now I feel blessed to bring my uniqueness out.

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