@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview With Snap Paid

By on September 25, 2021

Q: At what age did you start rapping, and when did you decide to start taking it seriously?

Snap Paid: Age for as long as I can remember 12 or 13. Maybe 2015, or 2016.

Q: What was the first song that you ever recorded?

Snap Paid: Run Game-West Palm Beach.

Q: Who were some of your favorite rappers that influenced you to start making music?

Snap Paid: 2PAC, Outkast, Bone Thugs & Harmony.

Q: Where did you get your name Snap Paid from?

Snap Paid: My God Brother Martez gave me the Paid, but I was always getting money. Snap came when I was in college, because of my bad attitude when I start drinking.

Q: N.P.S the label. How did you come up with the name, what’s the meaning behind N.P.S?

Snap Paid: I always said that I wasn’t with the poe shit, because I came up poe. So NPS came from my struggle coming up.

Q: You had a lot of buzz prior to your incarceration. Your smash single Miami was really taking off? You even went to South Beach to shoot the video. N.P.S was heavy in the streets. How did your current incarceration change you. What advice would the Snap Paid today give the Snap Paid in 2016?

Snap Paid:  I would have put more into my music career. I should have took it a lot more seriously. I should have stayed consistent. 

Q: If you had not got incarcerated, where would you think that N.P.S would be now?

Snap Paid: Everywhere, because I would have pushed this shit harder.

Q: Your home now, so what are the plans for Snap Paid, and N.P.S the label?

Snap Paid: Everywhere, because I would have pushed this shit harder.

Q: When can everyone expect that new Snap Paid mixtape, or EP?

Snap Paid: We’re about to make everyone feel us, or at least know us.

Q: What are your plans, and goals for the remainder of 2021?

Snap Paid: Not sure on the drop date, but very soon. 

Q: Any last comments that you want to make?

Snap Paid: Stay focused, and get off this leg monitor. And push my team, label, and artists to the top.  Yea Rest In Peace Slang. NO POE SHIT DA MOBB

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