@TheRReport1 April Producer of the Month: Champion

By on April 2, 2021
Champion is a, family oriented, father of four young sons, ranging from 1 to 7 yrs of age. Born & raised as an Atlanta native, Champion developed a life long passion for music, spending countless of hours in the studio as a producer and engineer. 
    As a young boy, Champion found his way into his love for music through a series of music classes at Clifton Elementary School. By the age of the 14, he was certain of his passion when he successfully completed his first “FL studios” beat in 2004. After graduating high school, Champion attended American Intercontinental university (AIU) in pursuit of a bachelor degree in music production. 
    Champion self taught himself over the years to come, creating relationships with other great producers who share the same passion. One particular relationship was with producer Rico Wade, as he gave Champion the nickname “Fruity Loop King”. He applied his acquired knowledge and skillset to creating music like “Run” (https://youtu.be/riyqnt13WQ4), which was made for the movie “Birth of a Nation” in 2016. The song was recognized in Jet Magazine and Scope magazine. Champion was also recognized in an interview with an online magazine called ” Skilly magazine” in the same year. 
    Champion continues to thrive as he constantly creates masterpieces for each one of his clients. No matter your genre of choice, Champion is guaranteed to give you what you’re searching for as an artist. “Producing is just a title, the music lives in me”, he says, “It ain’t on ya, it’s in ya!”

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