@TheRReport1 2020 Group of the Year: Young Lit Savages

By on January 5, 2021

JayyDahkiid 19 is an up and coming artist from Miami liberty city 305 moved to Atlanta in 2017. He got into music when he was 6 years old, he was always playing some type of beat everyone and everything around him was sound to him. When he was 10 years old his parents started the family label Blackonblackent. The people he look up to when it comes to music are his big brothers , his dad , Drake , Lil Durk , Rich Homie Quan , J Cole , Ice Berg , Majornine .. music is life for him, Jayydhakiid feels it’s hard for a rapper to come up on the music scene in Miami. His biggest dream is for him and his mom to able to walk the Grammys stage build the family label and make it world wide. HundoKay Is 19 years old and hails from ATL, GA. As a kid he always had a music taste but didn’t officially start rapping until 15. Growing up in a city where he was surround by stars like T.i. ,Young Jezzy, and many more. It’s easily seen with how much energy he has that he is very passionate about his career. He has been heard saying he wants to be one of the biggest iconic hip hop stars of all time and believes he has all the tools to do so. Going as far as the biggest awards such as the Grammys and bet awards or having a #1 Album at some point. Lastly, what keeps him going is the drive to keep his God Fathers Legacy alive and he promises to deliver. The forming of Young Lit Savages began their 9th grade year in band class. While in class they began freestyling and later wrote a song and presented it to Jayydhakiid’s parents (BlackonBlack Ent) who has been in the Industry 20+ years. From that day forward they where known as Young Lit Savages. Although they rap the do not want to be labeled as “Hip Hop” artist because they make music for everyone. They do not see a limit to what they can and will do in the music industry. In 2019 they group lost one of their biggest supporters “King Savage” (Jayydahkiid father), it was then well known promoter Sippi Boi took them under his wings and became their manager and promoter in effort to keep King Savage’s dream alive. Young Lit Savages hard work and dedication has won them numerous showcases and even gotten them nominated for different awards. Young Lit Savages with their talent and creativity will soon become a household name. I can wait to see what 2021 is going to bring for the Young Lit Savages.

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