Shaq Aims Back at Damian Lillard with Second Round K.O.

By on October 7, 2019

Shaquille O’Neal is back with another diss track aimed at Damian Lillard called “Second Round Knockout.” The latest installment follows Lillard’s “I Rest My Case” diss, the Portland Trailblazer’s recent second round.

For over four minutes, Shaq goes in on Lillard and reduces him to a “thot” as the sounds of punches litter the beat.

“How you a battle rapper and your real job, you ain’t win no battles,” Shaq spits. “See, you rap because you need it, dog, I do it for sport/When you run, I see that tampon string in your shorts/And you shoot too much, dudes on your team hate it/Keep talkin’, make a phone call, get you traded.”

Judging by Shaq’s recent Instagram post, it looks like this will be the final round.

“How can you rest your case, when I’m the JUDGE AND THE JURY,” he captioned the post. “I must retire now, thanks this has been fun.”

“Second Round Knockout” follows Shaq’s “Freestyle (Damian Lillard Diss)” and Lillard’s response “Reign Reign Go Away,” which arrived last week.

It all started after Lillard claimed he was a better rapper than Shaq during an episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. Shaq quickly took action first and fired the initial shot.

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