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By on May 11, 2020

Written by Julz Mancini

Perfectly mixing a combination of songs that will not only catch the attention of the crowd in the moment, but also be remembered after a night of mingling and dancing, is of crucial importance to a DJ’s career. Have you ever been to an event and felt as if you connected to the DJ just by the music he or she was playing? That is the impression that Ejay The DJ gives his audience every time he blesses the turntables.

Ejay has DJ’d at venues such as SOB’s, Suite 116, Studio 735, Milk River Lounge, and more! Not only does he spin at the hottest lounges in NYC, but he has also made appearances at Fordham University, the AIDS and Breast Cancer Walks in 2016, and Fox 5 News.

As Ejay’s name grew, so did the list of opportunities. While continuing to obtain several gigs throughout NYC, he acquired a partnership with Vodkila, a liquor company. This led to Ejay becoming a brand ambassador for the successful business. It was after much work and recognition from the industry that he was presented with an award; “Rookie DJ of The Year” award in 2016 at the Atlanta “Salute The DJ Award Show”.

Incredible work ethic and talent allowed Ejay to become a radio personality. From 2008 to present he has worked for OWWR (College Radio), Flo Empire Radio, Da Matrix Radio, DTF Radio, and iHeart Radio/ Fubu Radio. He has interviewed celebrities such as Rick Ross, Tone Trump, Jadakiss, Kash Doll, Lil Flip, and many others.

Ejay has built a strong and loyal fan-base throughout his journey. With all of the goals he has already accomplished, it is clear that he will not drop anchor here. Be sure to tune into the Fubu radio station on iHeart Radio every Wednesday from 11pm to 12am to catch a vibe with Ejay The DJ.

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