Benny The Butcher Gets Released From The Hospital Following Shooting

By on November 16, 2020

 Benny The Butcher is on his way home. Less than 48 hours after he was shot in the leg outside of a Houston Walmart in an attempted robbery, the Griselda MC was filmed hobbling toward a private jet, crutches in hand. The situation could’ve played out much worse and frankly, Benny is lucky to be alive.

The Buffalo, New York native was in the Texas metropolis on Saturday (November 14) when he and some friends decided to hit up a local Walmart. As they were leaving the store, five men pulled up alongside their vehicle and demanded their chains. As Benny and his crew struggled to hand them over, one of the men reportedly grew impatient and fired a shot into Benny’s leg. They immediately took off while Benny and his entourage called police.

Benny was promptly driven to a local hospital and treated for his injuries. At the time, his condition was unknown, so the recent video will presumably bring some relief to Benny’s friends, family and fans.

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