50 Cent Trolls Jeezy With BMF’s Southwest T Being Released

By on May 7, 2020

Black Mafia Family kingpin Terry “Southwest T” Flenory — Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory’s brother — is expected to get out of prison early due to COVID-19. Although he’ll be on house arrest, 50 Cent is looking forward to his release, hoping it will have Irv Gotti a little scared.

After teasing Diddy and Gotti over Southwest T’s impending release, he’s now coming for Jeezy who allegedly once bought four kilos of cocaine from the BMF.

“Big T said get Jeezy ass too, how you Screaming BMF Who helped you get a record deal,” he wrote in the caption. “Then Meech mom is calling you and texting you to let you know ‘T is home and You ignoring the phone calls. so now his mom said fuck the backstage passes and free tickets to the concerts pick up the phone Nigga. @jeezy #starz #BMF coming soon.”

Earlier this week, 50 claimed Gotti borrowed money from Southwest T and never paid him back.

“yo @irvgotti187 you best be coming up with that bread you borrowed from Big T in Encino you sucker ass nigga,” he wrote on Instagram. “you didnt go see him or put nothing on his books. yeah he home now so you can stretch out to him or get stretched. #starz #bmfitgear.”

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