@TheRReport1 September’s Producer of the Month: @tribevegas100

By on September 2, 2018

I’m from Philadelphia, Pa. I’m 25 and I’ve been producing hip-hop beats since 2012. I started making beats in College with little to no musical experience, influenced mainly by my little brother Tribe Ca$ino. I learned from older producers around my neighborhood in North Philadelphia about how songs are structured and how to create drum patterns. I started off making beats exclusively for my little brother, than branched off to other artist. I’ve been producing Slimcutt layboi for 4 years and counting. Most of the beats I make are usually Trap based, but I also have a huge catalogue of R&b beats. I work exclusively with Slimcutt and a few other artist. I got tons of work out on the net with Indy artists across the globe.

Twitter: Tribevegas100
Instagram: Tribevegas215
SoundCloud: Tribe Vega$
YouTube: tribevegas100