@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with Tiesha Vassar

By on September 2, 2018

Tiesha Vassar’s channel Emage` heads the Fashion/Make-up/Beauty realm of our Virtual Eminence Network .  She provides marketing, exposure, and educational opportunities for models/artists/beauty consultants and much more on the upcoming ROKU/Amazon/FireTV platform .

Q:  OK tell us a little about Miss Tiesha Vassar?

Tiesha Vassar:  I am a Passionate Individual who is driven by my desire to create beauty in tangible and intangible forms. I have a relentless approach to giving the best and bringing it to the awareness of every person that can be convinced that we all have unlimited potential and gifts.


Q: How long have you been in the Fashion, Make-up, and Beauty market?

Tiesha Vassar: I Have been in the Fashion and beauty industry for over 20 yrs. First as a student of the industry and then participating as a full time professional.

Some of the companies I have Represented are
BET Hip Hop Awards,Tommy Hilfiger, Merchandise Mart Stylemaxx Bridal Expo, Lusters Corporation, Northwestern Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital, Rush Hospital, Neiman Marcus, DSW, CDW, Mac Cosmetics. Macy’s. Credits Viver Magazine, Divorced Dudes Movie, Daydream Image, David Johnson Photography, Guiness Beer, Clinton Media Group.
Q: What inspired you to get into fashion?
Tiesha Vassar:  F.U.B.U was a Major inspiration to Me Becoming a student of the fashion industry. I admired the hustle of these men who created this powerful brand which was a reflection of myself and the communities that I emerged from. I studied Major Designers, Models, Makeup Artist such as Versace, Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana.
Q:  Tell us a little about your company Emage?
Tiesha Vassar:  EMAGE where image is everything is On Demand multi-platform television is a Global Fashion and Beauty Network. We are your source for Fashion, Beauty, Influencers, Trends, Industry Events and beyond. The Goal of EMAGE is to provide our Brand Affiliates with the ability to reach millions and take the beauty industry by storm across 6 continents. We will feature a 24/7 shopping channel for our viewing audiences helping our consumers to look and feel they’re absolute best! We are seeking out the very best existing content providers who are looking to have a Major On Demand Television Presence!
Q: So with the Emage network, how would it help the models build their brands?
Tiesha Vassar: Models will have global visibility bringing they’re Existing content on to our Television Network. They will increase the power of there brands as we have partnerships with Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Sony, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox, play station just to name a few. Our clickable technology will allow live product sales which will increase the consumer base for models who have apparel and products for sale.
Q: What opportunities can Models, and Make-up artists expect from the Emage network?
Tiesha Vassar:  Opportunities are Access to a Global Television audience which will increase followers and maximize brand exposure for Models, Makeup Artist, and Fashion Designers. The Power to build sponsorship and Advertising opportunities as a result of the visibility on this multi-platform Network.
Q: Are there any mainstream artist, actors, actresses, etc.. that we can expect to see on the Emage network?
Tiesha Vassar: We will have an extremely diverse brand affiliate content provider lineup. We are currently still accepting submissions for content providers.
Q: What’s the goal for the Emage network for the remaining 2018?
Tiesha Vassar: The Goal for EMAGE for the remainder of fiscal 2018 is to Attract the absolute best of the best in Beauty Fashion across the world to be featured on our emerging platform. We intend to be a major force and resource for all beauty Influencers, and consumers globally.
Q: The R Report Magazine wants to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to conduct this interview. Are there any last comments that you want to make?

Tiesha Vassar: Anyone interested in joining the EMAGE Platform or any of Our Television Networks as Content Providers, Sponsors, or Advertisers can visit www.virtualemience.tv