@TheRReport1 September Indie Spotlight: @RoKapone

By on September 1, 2017



Ro Kapone, is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer. Born in Memphis, Tennessee on November 23rd, 1990, Ro is the fourth eldest of seven children that was raised by their mother in a single family home. Ro’s interest in music initiated as an adolescence. After moving to the streets of West Palms Beach, Florida, he would deliver passionate and heartfelt freestyles in the streets to his peers which boasted his confidence in his undeniable God-given talent.

After relocating to Georgia in his mid 20’s, Kapone would begin to challenge his skills and quickly become the hottest breakout MC of his era. Countless studio recording time lead to his development as an artist. This would establish the start of a promising rap career for Kapone in the South Georgia area.

In early 2017, six new unauthorized Ro Kapone tracks were leaked unexpectedly. This would result in a upsetting delay for his highly anticipated debut mixtape release, Words. However, his ability to create timeless music at a fast pace allowed him progress through the adversity. Every song he has ever recorded has been free-styled which makes him stand ahead of his competition. “My fans have patiently waited for me to deliver new material while I endured the disappointment of my songs being leaked so it’s my number one right now priority to give them what they’ve been waiting for” he said during a live stream on Facebook in early June of 2017.

On August 4, 2017, Ro independently released his commercial debut single, Words, through iTunes. On August 25, 2017, Ro surprisingly released his highly anticipated mixtape, Words, and sparked tremendous controversy in the media. The masterpiece project consisted of 23 tracks with features from locally known talents such as; Geek Boy, LastBlo and Woo. It quickly gained a massive support system from all surrounding areas in the South Georgia area, even expanding to attract the attention of professional boxer Floyd Mayweather associates of The Money Team Music Group. He has already announced that he has begun working on his next project, AftaWords: The Sequal.

Ro Kapone’s three daughters Naomi, Banana and Zoey are his biggest inspiration for everything he does. His journey surely has not been easy but with the support of his consecutively increasing fan base and supportive team, he finds a consistent desire to create new material with ease. It’s very apparent to understand Kapone is undeniably next to blow.