@TheRReport1 presents the Top 20 Mixtapes of 2017

By on January 2, 2018

1 kingkong

We had some hot mixtapes to come out in 2017.  Each week we presents the Mixtape of the Week. But out of 52 Mixtapes, we had to pick ten to make our top 20 list. These were the hottest mixtapes in the streets, and on social media sites. Congratulations to all the independent artist that’s out here grinding, and to the one’s that made The R Report Magazine Top 20 Mixtapes of 2017.

  1. Joe Green- King Kong 2: Ape Sh*t
  2. Ro Kapone- Words
  3. Tommy Gunn Da Dun- Apply Pressue
  4. StarEasy- FrFr
  5. Yank- New Yank City 2
  6. Jimmy Hennec- 8 Days a Week
  7. Bunkie White- Never Satisfied
  8. Dione Sache- Pac Niece
  9. DJ Big Twin- Bedtime Stories 10
  10. Big Josh- 1200 Sh*t
  11. Bobby Jae- Person of Interest 3
  12. Titty City- City Reloaded: Anarchy
  13. DJ Tellz- Tunnel Vision Tellz
  14. Dakota Unique- Damn Kotaa
  15. Printz Caligula- Untraceable
  16. Westside Jimi- Season 2
  17. Gunsmoke- Live From The Dope Hole 2
  18. Brez- Brez Vs The City
  19. Bunkie White & Snap Paid- 2 Solid
  20. Bizzy Balboa- Solitary