@TheRReport1 presents the Top 10 Indie Songs of the Week

By on October 8, 2018

The R Report Magazine presents the new Top 10 Indie Songs of the Week. Like always, each week we premier the hottest songs from the independent artists that’s making noise in the streets, on the radio, in the clubs, and online. Big shout out to all the independent artists that’s grinding, and putting in work. We do this for y’all. Every week this Top 10 is changing. We saw a few artists that been making noise where led them to premier, or make an impact on the Top 10. With that being said, let’s jump into the new Top 10 for this week.

  1. Slimcutt Layboi ft Duice Double Dose- Baby
  2. Bunkie White- Go Dumb
  3. Ken Dro- Motivation
  4. Scrill White- Big Dawg
  5. Noyz- She Wants Me
  6. Bobby Jae ft Slimcutt Layboi & D-MO- Mission
  7. Bob Lennon- If I Was A Girl
  8. Carolina Gamecock- Pressure
  9. Byrd ft Slim Ducky- Weekend
  10. StarEasy- Goin Out Badd

Here is your new Top 10 Indie Songs of the Week from The R Report Magazine.