@TheRReport1 October’s Indie Spotlight: @Bobielennon

By on October 1, 2015

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Who is Bob Lennon… Bob Lennon is a hip hop artist born and raised in East Macon, GA. Bob Lennon started writing and releasing self recorded songs out of his college dormatory in the winter of 2012. These songs were a reflection of the wild, young, and reckless days of Bob’s time in school. These tracks were raw, unmixed, ripe, but bursting with rhythmic lyrics. In the spring of 2012 Mr. Lennon left school in pursuit of attention from his musical talent. Over the next two years Bob would hone his song writing and lyrical skills by putting out 5 Mixtapes digitally from his grandmother’s basement. In the latter half of 2014, Bob ventured out into performing and started receiving attention from the locals in Macon, Ga. Including the downtown and urban hip hop scenes. Majority of the attention stemmed from Bob’s high captivating energy, unique sound and his Halloween released single STOOPID which is available for listen on
http://soundcloud.com/bobielennon20/stoopid-bob-lennon-prod-by-mos-clutch . Bob has performed in over 30 venues across the state and opened up for famous urban acts including the “OMG Girls”, “Pee Wee Longway”, “Trick Daddy”, & “Cool Amerika”. Bob Lennon is a different refreshing & marketable sound so let him make your event STOOPID by contacting boblennondmc@gmail.com or 478.318.0425, for serious inquiries.
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