@TheRReport1 October Indie Spotlight: Printz Caligula

By on October 1, 2017



Rondale Perkins better known by his stage name “Printz”, was born in Macon, Ga. A small town located 80 miles south of the music capital Atlanta, Ga. Printz gain his passion for music at the tender age of 9 years old, although at the time using his writing solely as a emotional release point. Printz didn’t actually begin MC-ing until linking up with a local neighborhood producer known as ” Big G”. Where then he constructed his first song entitled “Bird City” named after the neighborhood he grew up in. At the age of 12, Printz and his family relocated to the small town of Warner Robins, Ga. Leaving behind child hood friends, and being the new kid in school came with many challenges. Printz became very reserved in his thinking and communication with others. Although still using writing as a outlet, printz began to polishing his rap skills by listening to music from the likes of “Tupac”, and “T. I.” . At the age of 17, then in his junior year of highschool, Printz collaborated with a local group then known as “Tragic Musik” to create a mixtape for friends and others. Seeing the positive reaction from them people surrounding him that’s when Printz knew what he was destined to be. He began working on his debut mixtape but after completing it although,fully confident in his abilities, printz decided not to release it due to his fear of rejection. Ultimately causing him to stop recording for a long period of time. Fast Forwarding years later and living with regret, Printz decided to take another shot at pursuing his music career. This time fully loaded with a unique style ,and unparalleled bars Printz teamed up with another local talent, engineer, and producer named “London Marlie”. Not taking no for a answer in the spring of 2017 Printz began working on his debut mixtape entitled “Untraceable”. With the help of London,spawning a undeniable track called “Crushing”. The tracked has begun capturing the attention of many peers and other musically inclined people. Those such as local DJ personalities “Dj Rhane” and “Dj Teddy”. With the help of those two he begin receiving a numerous amount of opportunities, one being featured on Dj Rhanes “Ga Power Hr Battle”, and Dj Teddys “Revenge of the Underdogs 4” mixtape. Printz “Untraceable” mixtape is due to be released on Oct 11 of 2017.