@TheRReport1 November’s Ms Unique of the Month: @domthedondada

By on November 2, 2018

Get to know Dominique Carter the budding freelance model from Charleston, SC.

She was in the United States Air Force for 5 years where she worked in the Human Resources/Administration Field. The 23 year old is originally from Charleston, SC. Model, Dominique “Dom” Jones is currently residing in Valdosta, GA.
In addition to doing eyelash extensions and working as a government employee, Dominique has pursued a passion for freelance modeling. She is based between South Carolina and South Georgia. She has not booked any major gigs yet but has offers with local brands and businesses in the works. So far, she’s hosted events from Atlanta, GA to Tallahassee, FL.
Her goal is to open more doors by showing versatility in her work as well as being an influencer for women of darker shades trying to obtain a spot in the beauty and modeling industry. You can see her work on her social media followings (IG/Snapchat/Twitter; domthedondada).