@TheRReport1 November Indie Spotlight: @slimcutt1985

By on November 1, 2017



Slimcutt was born as Willie Millens Jr. on April 19, 1985 to Joanne Lay and Willie Millens Sr. at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta Georgia. Slimcutt standing 6’7 foot tall is multi-talented in the music industry. He has been rapping, performing and writing his own lyrics since the age of 10. Recently he has learned how to record/ engineer his own music. Since then there is no stopping him to achieve his goals. Slimcutt is a beast with his rhymes with the ability to write the illest lyrics in seconds. His lyrics comes from his soul which tells stories about his life, his struggle, his achievements and his family. (Layboi) which is not a gang but a solid family movement. It all started with two brothers standing on the porch at 769 Coleman Street in Atlanta, Georgia with the idea of turning the family name (Lay) into a brand that will be talked about for years. Since then Slimcutt has been promoting his music all over Atlanta and have achieved many of fans following him on multiple sites such as InstaGram, SoundCloud, YouTube and Facebook. Layboi entertainment is well-known. You might have seen him before but this time he’s going Nationwide. Slimcutt’s plan is to bring the old Atlanta back and when he take off there’s no stopping him. We’ll let his lyrics speak for themselves.