@TheRReport1 Next To Blow: Pep Jr

By on January 2, 2019

James Torrence III known professionally as Pep. Jr is an Independent American Rapper and Entrepreneur. Pep was born in Dade County, Florida, on March 16. Raised in Miami Gardens, Florida an impoverished high crime rate area of North Central of Miami. At the age of 12, Pep gravitated to music and used rap as an escape from the violence and poverty that surrounded him. He was inspired by some of the most influential Rappers in the game like  Jay Z, Meek Mill, and Rick Ross. Moving to Valdosta, GA a city south of Atlanta, Pep continued to freestyle about the problems and things he faced growing up. In and out of trouble throughout his high school career, Pep received his diploma and attended Job Corp in Jacksonville, Fla where he graduated. Although he attended Georgia’s Valdosta State University for a year, Pep started freestyling rap lyrics that romanticized social and political issues and things he experienced as a child.

He took his performing name from his childhood nick name. Pep originally started with the name Cash, then J.Cash and then to Pep Jr.  Over the nest few years Pep produced a series of singles each expanding on his ominous style and intricate flow. Though rapping since he was 12, he first entered the public arena with releasing his mixtape Pep Talk in 2018.  Pep is currently working on his second mixtape as he makes plans to release it by mid March 2019.