@TheRReport1 Next To Blow: F.L.O

By on November 2, 2018

Stephen Rose to some is an average individual with
dreams, pride and strong willpower. Ask yourself
how well do you know Stephe Rose. Is it because
of personal relations or through another voice. How
about we take a journey and discover and educate
ourselves about Stephen Rose
Stephen Rose, stage name F.L.O (For Listeners Only)
an Atlanta native was born January 27 in the 80s. As
a child he developed an interest in music of different
genres. Stephen was an energetic child who played
sports and participated in many talent searches.
Stephen is the eldest of two, father and a God fearing
man.Despite all adversities and cultural stigmata, he
was determine to be part of a change. As Stephen
grew older he decided to tap into his gift of being asong writer and vocalist.
Stephen is a former member of an two men group by
the name of F.L.O(For Listeners Only). He is an very
creative individual who strives to be different. Want to
give listeners real , clean music that they can relate to.
Singer/Rapper/Songwriter. He has written songs such
as Deja Vu, Diana, No Friend Zone, Voices, Etc.
just to name a few. Stephen will continue to create
good music for his audience. Through 2014 and 2015
has received Underground honors.  Atlanta Producer Music Awards:
2014 Pop Artist of the Year.
2015 R&B/Pop Artist of the Year.
Music Honored Awards:
2014 Songwriter of the Year.
Atlanta Underground Music Awards:
2015 Pop/Rock Alternative Artist of the year.