@TheRReport1 May’s Ms Unique of the Month: September Red

By on May 2, 2018

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September Red…born Robin Latham in Hilton Head Island, SC and raised in Bluffton, SC…a growing little city outside of Savannah, GA. September was the youngest of 3 siblings but was the only girl. She always had an ear for music growing listening to her mothers record player and recording old school mixtape on a cassette player. As she grew up, her love for music morphed into wanting to be a DJ. So after graduation, she went Savannah State University to study Mass Communications with the dreams of being a radio disc jockey. She quickly found out that probably wasnt the avenue she wanted to take because she was not into public speaking much. She left school and met someone and they bore 3 beautiful kids together but after some years, the relationship didnt pane out but he was a local rapper (artist) and he wanted brand himself so she soaked up all the knowledge she could get from being in the studio, learning how to produce beats, to making flyers, even also trying her hands at photohraphy. You name it she was all for it. His entertainment business started to create a buzz and she was a big part of that. As time went by after the break up,  she became motivated by her now fiance,  friends and family to step out on her own and she started a promotional business because she became so good at it. She started working at a local club serving drinks and promoting for local events and artist. She started to create a name for herself and caught the ears of major promoters. Today, she has her own promotional business called September Red Entertainment and she is her own graphic designer, event planner, artist & party promoter. ” I just want my children to not want for nothing in this world, because its a dog eat dog world!”