@TheRReport1 May’s Indie Spotlight: @TheRealVoeVoe43

By on May 1, 2019

Stephen Baker(Born June 18,1985) Professionally Known As VoeVoe is an underground hip hop artist,song writer,and activist.VoeVoe started writing at the age of nine.He was a class clown who stayed in trouble.With the help of his oldest brother Renn,he start writing verses to all the songs he heard on the radio.Later in his teen years.The young rapper started rapping at local house parties around the city.He suffered a fatal lost,his brother Joelee was killed, by this time he was in and out of jail.Got released and start going to the studio with Donte and Chris.He feature on a song titled Time.VoeVoe who originally known as FELLA.End up linking with his best friend Vman .They both start performing through out the city from schools,parties,and even SkateLand.Which lead to meet with Juan Sogutta AKA Juan Esso.With the help of Fresh,Brickz,Choirboy,and Vito.They joined Vman,Juan,and FELLA and formed a group called Gutta Fam.The group Gutta Fam not only performed,but they also would sell their music hand to hand all around the city and sometimes out of town.Unfortunately more bad news came,FELLA’s brother Kevin on his father side was also killed.At this time,FELLA start going back and forth to jail.He then ended up getting dropped from the group,and he resorted to the streets to try and make some money,he run into one of his childhood friends named T Mac,They went to the studio in Indianapolis and worked on a few songs together.T Mac his brother Booda
Salih,and their oldest brother Twon P also came and did some records too with TMac and FELLA.After they finish the songs.FELLA went back to his home town Gary,IN,and start performing any and every where he could,He finally got seen by a internet DJ named T Baby,she liked a couple of his records and offer him a chance to open up for Johnny P from Chicago ,but FELLA ultimately end up serving time in prison for armed robbery.While incarcerated he continued to work on his craft,he even start learning how to write for R&B singers.After being released,he start going thru some his material while he was in prison,He also search the internet(google) for producers.He found a lot,he sent them emails,most of all them responded given him permission to use their beats only for promotion.He received 50 beats from various producers from around the world.At that moment he realize what needed to be done,he got rid of his old rap name and went by the adopted name he gain in prison,C Boi and Pig pronounced it 4doe VoeVoe.He linked up with O Dogg from N1P and Ladi C,he recorded songs with them,and start back performing at a few of the night clubs in Gary,IN.From then on out he meet with more artist,producers,club owners,and DJ’s.He dropped his first mixtape called Hell And Back.The mixtape didn’t do so well,he found himself going down the wrong path,He found a new break through and start making gospel rap.He did a few songs as well as shows,even join a label,but that chapter soon ended.He return to his original music,and start performing through the Midwest.VoeVoe join with Ladi C on her IceWorld label,but
after a year the label thought it was best that they dropped VoeVoe for hiring booking agent,That’s when he decided to go independent.His mentor J Trx then took him up under his wing.From then VoeVoe began to perform down south and many different regions.VoeVoe single Keith Sweat was aired all star weekend on Power 92 Rawtvradio Chicago.Since that day,VoeVoe has performed for Power 92 Grown And Sexy event as well he has performed on many different platforms.Currently he’s working on Joint projects wit Streetz from Beastville,Lil Nappy,and many more artist.Stay tuned.


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