@TheRReport1 March Ms Unique of the Month: @iamtemma321

By on March 2, 2019

Born and raised on the unpredictable streets of cocoa fl, lived on stone street majority of my youth life. my love of music started from the early age of 8 music was apart of my heritage. My entire family from my grandparents ,aunts,uncles,sisters,brothers down to my father  which was a very talented producer singer and songwriter. I enjoyed the great stories my family told over the years of growing up. I began to see I can potentially be a star before I knew how to spell the word. Greatness I knew one day I will become that. 
I always seen music differently from friends and the ones who was around me besides my family because I seen a different vision. Music is a true art being able to travel into another dimension whenever I hear the beautiful sound of the instruments come together and form a sound that is magical. With me you will find much amp and dedication who is extremely motivated by love peace and positivity  who also is versatile and creative with the art of music and a great role model and leader who has the ability to see a great future for all the people around the world especially for my beautiful woman and the youth which are the future I am Temma Thompkins the new face of RnB, rap, and hip hop be a witness to one of the last real ones doing it in this day and age and don’t forget always strive for greater I believe in constant forward progress giving fans quality over quantity I do music for the woman the youth since they are the future to the nation and the ones who going threw that struggle and pain and mainly the ones who love the art of music I have a mixtape titled THE TRANSITION I’ve also opened up for pokey bear who is known for his hit record “SIDE PIECE” I performed at many open mics, featured many talents, been on various radios stations and interviews also dropped a single GET UP OUT MY FACE and still in the process of creating more I am great in the words of the late legend ali  “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee – it’s temma 

Facebook: temma thompkins
Snapchat: Royalty1121
Instagram: iamtemmathompkins 
YouTube : temma thompkins