@TheRReport1 March Indie Spotlight: @PeeplesShawdy

By on March 2, 2019

Joe..Peeples Shawdy!AYE!
“Uh huh”
Hailing from Gainesville Ga by way of Atlanta,this artist is definitely on the rise!
Born legally Joe Peeples, he knew that he would always do something great. Finding music in 2001 he started making his sound. Fast flows with a melodic undertone makes him completely unique and he isnt only a Rapper! He also engineers and Produces most of his own and others music and is one of the lead Promoters in the metro Atlanta area! Up for club host of the year for the Atlanta independent awards this year..its safe to say Mr Peeples will be a house hold name! Along with his entertainment company “Turndisuplouda” or #TDUL for short, the noise he is making cannot be denied nor turned off! Stay on the look out for this Man and make sure you TURN DIS UP LOUDA!

Social media
FB: Joe Peeples Shawdy or TDUL Joe Peeples Shawdy
Snapchat: Peepledshawdy