@TheRReport1 March DJ of the Month: @DJPancake

By on March 2, 2018


Kyle Quick aka DJ Pancake was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky and moved to Rex, GA when he was 3yrs old because his father served in the military. He started deejaying in 2008 at “The Gate” on Tara Blvd in Jonesboro, GA.

    DJ Pancake is also known for deejaying at clubs like Level 2, Royal South, Crownes Nest, Knockouts, Lacura, and is currently the DJ at Wraith ATL on Old National Highway in Atlanta. DJ Pancake style of deejaying keeps the club rocking. DJ Pancake following has gone throughout the years with party goers following him from club to club.
    He is also the CEO & Founder of Got Syrup Graphx where he designs flyers for clubs, club promoters, artists, and other DJ’s. He has done graphics for Green Boiz Entertainment, Rinakreeps Promotion, Young Bam, & HOT 107.9 Reec just to name a few.

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IG: @djpancake_
IG: @got_syrup
FB: Got Syrup Graphx
Twitter: @DJPancake