@TheRReport1 January Ms Unique of the Month: Toya Miller

By on January 2, 2019

Toya. Tory.. SWEET T.. that’s me. No need in searching for a duplicate because I’m certain there’s no one else that could even compare.. I think my ambition is what sets me aside. Everyday I’m searching for new ways to Grind. 
My Dream is to get to the top and have all my Family and friends right up there with me. I’m gonna have it all and I plan to stay in a position to have my Ma and loved ones living worry free. I won’t stop til I’m there or dead. Whichever’s first. I’m currently working as a Dental Assistant and an Apple Support Technician to support my hustles. And I’m hustling to fulfil my dreams. I never stop. When you say “Name your skills,” I literally have to sit and think, because there isn’t much I can’t do and If I can’t do it.. Gimme 3 days.. I’ll learn. However, above all, I love making music and designing clothes. I also dabble in a lil cooking too. Call me Chef T if you please. Ya girl is a Jack of all Trades if we’re being honest. Once again. There ain’t nobody like SWEET T. Get you a Me