@TheRReport1 February’s Ms Unique of the Month: @Daiblu8

By on February 1, 2018

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Born and raised in St. Louis, Mo, 

DOB: May 16th 1994

Been singing since age 11

Passionate about Music & Modeling

Love being the center of attention

Loves being Beautiful

Favorite colors Blue, Green, Purple 

Favorite food chicken and fries

Around age 2 they said DaiBlu use to sing Usher Nice and Slow 

It wasn’t until DaiBlu’s mom got married and DaiBlu met her step brothers, that she started to record music

DaiBlu’s step father was into music and had friends doing music..

They then insisted that DaiBlu and her step brothers do music together , they were called the Young Ones then,

As time past DaiBlu continued doing music as a solo Artist, 

Got interested in modeling in her younger days when she sent a photo off to a company;who in turn wanted her to model for them

As DaiBlu’s Music career progressed she began to enjoy taking more and more pictures

It is not just music DaiBlu is passionate about It is also Modeling

As DaiBlu would say “M&M” which stands for Music & Modeling.