@TheRReport1 February DJ of the Month: @Ms_Safari_

By on February 1, 2019

Safari pronounced Sa-Fa-Ree Aka “RadioBae”, has been rocking airwaves in the Macon and Middle Georgia area Saturdays and Sundays 10-2pm. Live and Lit until 2 is her Hashtag. Safari first got her Start radio in 2010 as an “Intern” for “Lil Homie” on 95.7 Jamz in Birmingham, Al. After attending Lawson State College for Communications. “Being an intern was interesting there is a lot to learn behind-the-scenes. I was nervous as hell though!” She giggles burying her head in her hands. “Sharing the elevator with Freeway and his Philadelphia pose’ lil ole 5’3 me!? Also Seeing one high profile artist throw the biggest hissy fit ever! I would often think I was very naive about the music industry, even the radio industry. I really wasn’t sure if I was ready.” Safari made a career change 2012 while still living in Birmingham she decided to enroll in the nearby Cosmetology School and become a professional hair stylist. “Hair was a Passion of mine. Still is!” Coming from a singleparent home having a sister I had  to make sure our hair was on point!” She snaps her fingers fiercely. “Lol kids can be so cruel! It’s funny because I would watch every music video that was out for all the latest hairstyles! I used to braid my sisters hair really creative and cool. We’re military brats that grew up in Mississippi at a predominantly white high school. I eventually built up the reputation of the girl that can braid your hair like bow wow or Lil Romeo or Iverson so they would pay me to braid their hair. It comes second nature to me. ” After graduation Safari decided she was ready to leave Alabama. “I was over it” she says. “I left Thanksgiving Day.  Best decision I made so far.”
 “I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do at first?  I just knew I was ready for change!” As She does a mock impression of a twerker wiggling her hips. “And Change I did! I became an adult entertainer! ” She throws her imaginary boa across her neck. “Sometimes that’s the part of my life that I wonder should hide or not mention? I didn’t hide from my Mom, So I figured being a personality I should be transparent and relatable.Ya know? ” Nowadays almost every other female  wants to have that “Cinderella story” of going from stage rotation to radio rotation. I find it so strange .” It’s Crazy cause Honestly! I learned a lot from the club to prepare me for what it is that I do now. Funny how life works. I think about that from time to time.” How life prepares you. I have always been an entertainer come to think about it.” She grips the bottom her chin with her fingers like the thinking emoji. While dancing Safari made connections with other on air personalities and DJs. “I’ll never forget the first day I met my mentor “Soopa” he asked me if I could read? Which at that time I thought was such a Bizarre Question? There was a voiceover that he needed someone to read. So I read the script he produced the spot and you know how they say the rest is history?” 

That was 2015. Fast forward to 2018  still guided by her Mentor “Soopa Dave”. Safari definitely has a Special place for Music. Along with being brand Ambassador  for Mixtape Monday Safari  Became Host and Owner of “Bauxtalk Radio” Podcast. Bauxtalk is a  Streaming Platform for independent artist.The podcast feautures New Music Along with exclusive one on one interviews, and Live Performances. “I’m so hella excited about the independent podcast it’s amazing to have full creative control. I get to be uncensored, break and make my own rules. It’s Dope I’m looking forward to the future! Right now it’s about continuing to grow and learn as much as I can.” In addition to being an on-air personality and DJ , Safari is also one half of Pearlbullets an R&B Hip Hop group based out of the Macon. “I enjoy making music with my sister it gives us a chance to bond. Growing up I would never Imagined us rapping much less in a group. The music is great it’s a reflection of the both of us!”
When asking “Radio Bae” Safari what’s Next 
“There’s no telling what the future brings I’m just riding the wave and enjoying it. I find when you don’t plan certain things it makes for a better outcome just let it happen. I’m thankful for all of the listeners though it amazes me still! I’m thankful

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