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By on January 19, 2016
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In Hip Hop’s cradle of the Bronx N.Y.C., a 20 year old young lyricist by the name of Young Lye, which is short for “Young Lion”, has a hot hit single call ”Whip IT” out now off his heat mix-tape call ”SicK DopE voL1” thats doing numbers on DatPiff mix site and all the other hot mixtape sites. Young Lye also  teamed up with Grammy award winning producer Jimi Kendrix to formulate an ode to the rap game’s favorite kicks with “Jordans #1”. The QB native who has produced hits for Jay-Z, 2Pac, and 50 Cent and the BX’s latest Internet sensation who has 200K YouTube views from such hits as “Drop It 2 Da Floor” and “Don’t Give Up Da Struggle” have the World Wide Web buzzing with this salute to His Airness’ footwear.

  • Young Lye shared the stage with Lloyd Banks, Maino and Tony Yayo of G-Unity and got a big video Shout Out from Him. Puma from the reality TV show ”Black Ink” also S/o Young Lye and his $tack Large Empire EntertainMent company. Young Lye also opened up for DeF JaM artist from PA. FreeWay on April 16th 2O15 in New York City, and Young Lye opened up for Young Money artist Cory Gunz in N.Y.C..//\\ Young Lye opened up for The Lox and Black Rob on March 6th 215 at Stage48 New York City. Lye also been into 475 magazines and blogs sites over the pass 2 years. Young Lye inked distribution deal for single/EP/album from Universal Music Group/Concore Entertainment in February 2014. Here’s some links to Young Lye latest 2013 magazines write ups, 2 are in The Source Magazine, here’s some more new 2014 magazine write up/ interview http://www.dopefuture.com/2014/02/exclusive-interview-with-young-lye.html // http://straightofficial.com/younglyeinterview/ //http://www.thenqm.com/2013/12/11/young-lye-jordan-1-official-video/ //http://allunsigned.com/young-lye-younglye-drop-it-2-da-floor/ //http://www.playbyvip.com/young-lye-younglye-jordan-1/ //http://thesource.com/2013/09/26/the-streets-of-the-bronx-introduces-young-lye/,http://thesource.com/2013/12/03/young-lye-keeps-it-out-of-the-sneaker-box-fresh-with-jordans-1/, // http://wwsmag.com/updates/young-lye-shorty-got-me-cuffinn/http://www.yo-pr.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1372172524&archive&start_from&ucat=1&. Young Lye performed a few songs at the Legendary Shrine Nite Club in Harlem N.Y.C. in September 2013 for aids Activist Queen Maria Davis, Miss Davis was also on Jay Z’s first album. ….The label ”tuneCore” made *youngLye* artist of the week of 24 Oct.2012. here’s a link to it =https://twitter.com/TuneCore/status/261123906943991808/photo/1, Lye is also working with Black Silk Entertainment, Black Silk is also one of FunkMaster Flex wing man. *Young Lye* IS NOMINATED BY THE ”UNDERGROUND MUSIC AWARDS” in the Category for ”BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE” for the year 2012, last year 2011 he had nominations too……. YOUNG LYE track ”Shorty Got Me Cuffinn” also won placements on Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 212 Hosted by DJ PREMIER. His track ”Shorty got me Cuffinn” also got placed on Coast 2 Coast own ”The Indie Top 50 Vol.106” Mixed by Dj Cannon Banyon, it Droped on 8-10-2012. He’s also on Coast 2 Coast brand New Compilation Album coming out real SOON…… YounG LYE= A New Born Leader, please check out his web site here http://www.young-lye.com/, and leave email address for free Young Lye give aways. Follow him @https://twitter.com/#!/younglye, join him on http://www.facebook.com/younglye, n his TV channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/lillion1111?feature=mhee, please subscribe, like, n leave comment, check out his trackz athttp://www.myspace.com/younglyeakayounglion, GOOGLE YOUNG LYE /Youn’ LION / Lil Lion which is all his name from before until now……. TUNECORE as chosen Young Lye track ”SHORTY GOT ME CUFFINN” track to be on their ”SUMMER 25 SONGS” Album for 2012…….
    Young LYE all so won BOTH Contest for Artist/Song of the month of June 2012 on this site www.mymusicmylife.com, He also WON the VIDEO of the month June 2012 on the same web site www.mymusicmylife.com. YOUNG LYE won with the same track TUNECORE MUSIC site Choose to be on their summer 2012 album, and that track is call ”Shorty Got Me Cuffinn”//…….His STL Volume 1 mixtape, Droped may 13, 2011, which got thousands of down loads,
    ….. go get this firaa, by YOUNG LYE……E.M.I./krush21 Distribution……
    Please cop his hot spring lover single ”shorty got me cuffinn” on itune, Tunecore, n all online music store, thank you for your support, stay Bless…….
    About Young LYE “Age is just a number” can be the only description given to 16-year-old Jimell Clarke better known as the ”artist” Young Lye , you can google to fine out more . Add Young Lye to Your Friends! Message Young Lye!/////// Young LYE born in the Bronx, New York, has been rapping & Deejaying since the age of three. Lye was nominated by the Under Music Awards for artist to watch out for in 2012…… His mixtape ”STL” VOL1 had thousands of downloads on sites like www.datpiff.comwww.thatcrack.com, just to mention a few……. Growing up in the Bronx has nurtured in Young LYE a level of street wise maturity rare for his age that has earned him the respect of his older peers……. As a rapper and a Deejay, music beats through Young LYE veins, having been fed on a steady diet of Hip Hop , Dancehall, Pop and by his Jamaican father. His father, D. Clarke, a music producer who migrated from Jamaica in the late 80’s believes his son has immense talent……. “Since LYE was three, I saw his potential, he would sing along to DMX and Beenie Man and say that he wanted to be just like them. It was then that I decided to get back into producing and help him fulfill his dream of being an entertainer” – D. Clarke…….. No stranger to the stage, since the age of eight, Young LYE has been a regular staple at Club Amazura queens n.y.c. , Lue’s nite club in bx. n.y, Sulivan Hall n.y.c, Madison Square Garden n.y.c., B B Kings in New York City , College Tour in N.Y.-U.S.A. , Mingles Night Club (Bronx), Chrissies Night Club (New York) and the famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem, with his last performance in May of 2007……. “I see music as a means by which I can lift myself and my family. I want to entertain and please my fans and I hope I can make it big in the music business” – Young LYE……. Coupled with stage performances , Young LYE is also a recording artiste with Mel-Shar Entertainment Media Group , the Mel stands for MELIK pka M DOT his big brother s.i.p. , and Shar stands for SHARI pka SILK his big sister s.i.p…….He was currently sign to $TACK$ LARGE EMPIRE, was signed to E.M.I./KRUSH21/MELSHAR, which was a very good look for him . He’s was working with Chris Walker, E-New, Glenn Delgado, formerlly Hit Committee /Jive Records, now of E.M.I./Krush21 Ent., on his brand new fira hot mixtape call ”STL” vol1, n singles……. He also works with producer Raff who produced tracks for Shaggy like Oh Carolina, Mr Bumbastc, and Shelly Thunder, Sometime a Man Fi Get Cuff,Fi Get Cuff, just to mention a few……. Young LYE released Hip Hop tracks such as ”Shorty Got Me Cuffinn”/ ”Dance Music Master”/ ”Smooth Boyz/Cute Girlz”/ ”Girlz Say Im Fly” ft. T Pain / ”Move Your Body” featuring Fiyah Marshall from Bermuda / ”Swee Da Dee” / ”I Goes On & On”/ ”I’m Grown”/ ”So Fresh”/ ”My Swagg”/ ”Black Pain”/ and ”Ho Baby Im Wavvy”……. Young LYE has also done collaborations with major R&B and Hip Hop recording artistes such as ”Pleasure P” formerly of the group Pretty Ricky, just to mention a few ……. Young LYE is making an effort to break into the Jamaican Dancehall scene with his recent collaboration with the hot dancehall singer Barbee. The track Age Is Just A Number, written by YounG LYE and Barbee, demonstrates his potential as a Deejay, the Hip Hop remix is droping in the winter of 11……. “You should here the lyrics he’s spitting to me on this track, these lyrics are super hard for a young guy big ups for Young LYE”…. Barbee…………..”Young Lye a murda, artist a di future”……Beanie Man