@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with @nycegohard Devaron Davis

By on November 12, 2018

1) For those that don’t know, can you tell them a little about yourself? – My name is Devaron Davis, and I’m originally a hip hop/rap artist turned actor. I started out writing music, and developed a strong interest for writing scripts. I think storytelling in my music was am seamless transition to screen plays.

2) How it for you growing up in St. Louis? – Actually I’m a country boy lol. I grew up in Wentzville, MO. I would only spend summers in the city as a kid. So, I guess you could say I had the best of both worlds growing up as a kid. Being broke in the country is way different than being broke in the city. It polished me as a person. I think it really molded me to excel in this business. We didn’t have a lot growing up. We were even homeless for sometime, and it drove me to want more, and to provide for my family so we would NEVER have to experience that again!
3) What made you decide that you wanted to come into acting? – Well, I’ve always been a huge Denzel Washington fan. I had a pretty big influence from the goat! I wanted to explore a different way to tell a story. Something that could really challenge the boundaries of creating. Also wanted to explore my abilities as an artist. Plus its like a big game of pretend [lol] I’m a big kid at heart anyway.
4) Let’s talk about your upcoming movie Efflictim. Is this your first movie that you’re acting, and producing? – Yes, this is my very first script, as well as acting experience. I’ve got to say I’ve learned a lot along the way from my co-stars too! I’m very excited about the premiere of this movie.
5) How did the movie the movie Efflictim come about? – The movie is a real life situation surrounded by fabricated events. In real life me and a good friend were leaving a gas station, and we were offered $15,000 to drive them downtown St. Louis. The plot is based what would’ve happened if we went.
6) Tell us about your character in the movie Efflictim? – I play a suave, savvy, sophisticated villain named Lorenzo Daniels. He’s a New York City native turned kingpin in St. Louis, MO. Lorenzo is the one stirring the pot through out the entire movie.
7) Did you find it difficult producing this movie? – YES! In the beginning it was very frustrating. I didn’t know my way around any of the programs, the cameras, or any terminology of even writing a script. A lot of the learning curve was trial and error. Also A LOT of YouTube and Google! Eventually I developed a system/routine with production. And got comfortable behind the camera, in front of the camera, and the editing.
8) With the release of Efflictim coming to the big screen in your hometown on Nov 3rd. Can we expect it to be at more movie screening in more states this year? – Yes definitely! We are currently putting together a premiere in Atlanta.
9) The R Report Magazine would like to think you for taking the time out to conduct this interview. Are there any last comments that you would like to make? – I just want to send big shout out to the production team: De’Santis Cross, Rae Dawn Jackson, and our executive producer Montee Ball Sr. Also the cast, everyone who had anything to do with the production of this movie, and especially Harris Stowe State University for hosting our premiere event. Also The R Report Magazine. We are looking forward to touching down in the “A” for another premiere!