@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with Mr. Darren Henry

By on September 22, 2017

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Election time is right around the corner. And this election we have someone that have been a public figure in the community for years, have decided to run for Mayor of Lakeland, Georgia. Darren Henry have been involved with the community for years, seeing that the community need some changes, he decided to step in as the leading candidate in the run for Mayor of the city Lakeland, GA.  I had a change to sit down with Mr. Henry to discuss what changes he’s going to make if elected Mayor for the city of Lakeland this November.


Q: What made you decide that you want to run for Mayor in the city of Lakeland?

Darren Henry: The community! The community standing behind me. They wanted me to do it. They say that I’m the only one who can run the town. So I’m here for them, my community.


Q: What changes do you plan on making, how are you going to bring in new jobs, and make the community better if elected Mayor?

Darren Henry:  Well for one, I want to bring in after school programs again that they took from the city of Lakeland.  I want to bring in big businesses. A big business that can create a job for about 30 to 40 people. I want to do that, but in order to do that I need to get everybody behind me. The city as a whole, white, black, rich, and poor. The community as a whole get behind me, and stand behind me, we can get this done. I want to bring the jobs back, especially for the young folks on the community, because they need it.


Q: As with our elderly in the community. What can you offer them in the community in order for you to gain their trust, and their vote?

Darren Henry: I want to have somebody to check on them a few times out the week. Right now we have a program that feed them Monday-Friday. So I want to step in, and see how I can make that better. I want to see how I can decrease their bill. The water bill to high, the sewage bill to high, the garbage bill to high. That should help them out financially. But getting some help for someone coming to check on them, that’s one thing that is on my list of duties to improve the community.


Q: OK, my final question is what advice do you have your community. As the leading candidate in the run for Mayor, what advice do you have for the city of Lakeland in this upcoming election?

Darren Henry: Well this is the advice that I have for my community. We came together with this recent storm, we came together cleaning up the community. Now we got to come together as a whole, white, and black.  We got to stop being separated, or we’re never going to have nothing here. We got to come together as a unit. That’s what I’m looking for, the city to come together.