@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with @mackdrama1017

By on December 2, 2013

1 mack drama 00O.G. Mack Drama is an African-American music producer, and promoter born in Queens, New York & raised in Los Angeles, California.  A member of the Elm Street Pirus, Mack Drama is definitely a well respected O.G.  I had a chance to chop it up with Mack Drama to discuss the current situation with B.S.M, where he stands at in the beef between Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka, and his future plans with Brick Squad Mafia.


Q: How long have you been in the music game?

Mack Drama: I’ve been in the actually music game about 5 years. I’ve been in the entertainment business for like 20 years.

Q: How did you link up  with Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka?

Mack Drama: I got a call from Frenchie, & Woah Da Kid saying that the big homie wanted to fly me out. I’ve been around Waka right before he did Hard In the Paint. A lot of people thought Waka them where fake Pirus, I protected Waka from the Piru Bloods, even in St. Louis I made a call like don’t mess with homie he’s cool. Publicity is publicity rather its good or bad. But to answer your question I’ve been around them for like 4 years.

Q:  So you is a part of the Brick Squad Monopoly?

Mack Drama: I am a part of all the squad’s, now I push 1017 cause I’m pushing Gucci’s brother Young Throwback, which have pissed a few people off.

Q: So Brick Squad Mafia is a branch off of Brick Squad Monopoly?

Mack Drama: Actually Brick Squad Mafia was before Monopoly. Brick Squad Mafia is a branch off of 1017 Brick Squad.

Q: So how many artist do you have on your label Brick Squad Mafia?

Mack Drama: That’s funny that you asked that question, I first started me & Spook Ru The Shoota of Brick Squad Southwest had about 40 artist. Afterwards the real one’s stood, and the fake one’s left. But we got A-Wax, YG Hooties, Ice Burgandy, Joe Moses, and P. Smurf. It’s maybe about 10 Brick Squad Southwest artist. Now you still got artist still using the Brick Squad name, but their not a part of the actually Brick Squad Southwest Mafia anymore.

Q: I know that there’s friction between Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka.  Where do you stand at with this on-going beef?

Mack Drama: At first I was neutral, I didn’t get involve, I didn’t even answer no questions when it was asked. I was hoping that it would work itself out. But Gucci’s brother Young Throwback reached out to me that’s where the problem came at. Really Waka, and Gucci didn’t never get along. Its was just a situation being forced because they’re both was signed to Warner Bros, and making it work to get that paper. But I got a call from Woah Da Kid asking why I’m pushing Throwback, and shit like that, so I rock 1017 all day. I’m rocking with the real.

Q: There’s also was a situation between you, and B.S.M Frenchie. Do you care to speak on that?

Mack Drama: The thing is that I am the Big Homie, and for them to try to go against the Mafia is some fake shit. Frenchie done got robbed for his chain like 3 times. They didn’t fuck with Frenchie out here because of me. But Frenchie ain’t no Piru no more because he disrespected the Big Homie. I challenge Frenchie cause Throwback will eat you up with the lyrics. What happen to Frenchie is he let the music get to his head.

Q: Do you feel like the other B.S.M members turnt their backs on Gucci Mane?

Mack Drama: They turned their backs on Gucci cause their sucking Waka dick. Gucci is about that money, Gucci is a businessman. Gucci is worth like $25 million. Waka only worth about $7 or 8 million. I don’t have nothing against Waka, I think that he got the wrong people in his ear. And by Gucci being incarcerated at the moment, they all riding Waka. They’re stupid, and they think that Gucci is washed up. I don’t think Gucci washed up, and I’m going to continue to rep 1017 Brick Squad, 1017 Gang to the fullest.

Q: So is Brick Squad is officially over?

Mack Drama: Brick Squad Monopoly is, but 1017 Brick Squad is going strong.

Q: So what can we expect from Brick Squad Mafia in 2014?

Mack Drama: You can expect a lot. I started a consultant company, I got a new radio show which I’m the President of that bring the streets to the corporate. We my consultant company with teach artist social marketing, I also have code of conduct which you can’t smoke weed, or drink in the hotel, or find yourself inside any trouble. We got 1017 Mafia Gang, Brick Squad Southwest, Mack Drama Records, the Turn Up or Turn Off show with the homie Lil Justen, a lot to look for in 2014.

Q: Any last comment that you want to make?

Mack Drama: To whoever reading this interview. Mack Drama the man, and 1017 is the brand. Be on the lookout for Young Throwback.