@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with Kiel Jones

By on December 13, 2018

1) For those that don’t know, can you tell them a little about yourself?


Kiel Jones: I was born in Valdosta Georgia raised in Atlanta Georgia. I grew up  in a Christian home my mother was a musician and music master so music has always been a huge part of my life I attended North Atlanta School of the Arts where learned about music composition and arrangement but oddly enough I’ve never been in the band and I’ve never sing in a choir I had a huge interest in hip hop and that’s where my Story begins.

2) Being an entrepreneur in the music business. Who were some of your biggest influences coming up?

Kiel Jones: Well I have always had a great deal of respect for Russell Simmons Sean Puffy Combs Marion Suge Knight but I will say that my biggest influence business-wise will be Master P. I love the way that he created No Limit as an ecosystem where everything was essentially a Master P album and a No Limit production some of my other greatest influences would be the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan why learn to be disciplined and by the way the minister is a musician who has mastered the violin most people don’t know that about him but he is a great music artist I would love to work with him someday.

3) You are the man behind the growing app Fan Buzz. How did you come up with the concept behind Fan Buzz?

Kiel Jones: fanbuzz came to me really like a dream. When I was in the county jail waiting for a response from the courts from being falsely convicted for rape in 2014 I met a music artist who was signed to D4L Records whico was owned by the late Shawty Lo this artist name was Shawty dread. I’m a Muslim and Shawty dread was learning the religion from me but we had a connection through music and I asked him what type of promotions was he currently doing. See I have a background in sales and marketing I attended Ashford University and majored in marketing so I was interested to give the young man some advice on how to promote his music. He told me that he was paying local radio stations in Atlanta a total of $12,000 per month to push his music. I thought that that was outrageous! I asked him after you pay that $12,000 how do you know who has heard your music? He said well I know that everyone tuning in has heard my music. But then I asked how do you know if they liked your music? He said but there is no way to know that in fact one would need a crystal ball to know if they’re actually liking the music. I said well what if I could create a crystal ball so  you as an artist would know what the public thinks about your music before you release it to the public? He said I don’t understand. I then told him that people only buy from people that they know love and trust and by promoting your music on radio people will never get a chance to know who you are there just hearing your music and you’re not getting any feedback on whether the music is actually good or bad you just paying $12,000 a month and shooting for the Stars. I went back into mysl cell and grabbed a pen and a pad and just started brainstorming different ideas and I came up with the concept. And the concept was that fanbuzz would be a source and a platform were up and coming artists could upload their music and generate their fan base through listening parties. At the time apps such as Airbnb turo & Uber were all offering subscribers a way to get paid doing what they already enjoy. I thought to myself what if there was an app that would allow people to get paid to listen to music and that’s how fanbuzz was concieved.

4) Fan Buzz also have the podcast Live From The BHive. Can you tell us about that concept?

Kiel Jones: it’s interesting I’ve always tried to do everything I’ve ever thought about doing. During one of my trial and error experiments I and my sister had a short run on public access television. The show was supposed to be a gossip hour where we just slammed people and talked about everyone kind of like Wendy Williams Show. The show didn’t last very long but what I gained from it in experience was more than a fortune. So I came up with the idea of podcasting a video called live! From the beehive. The show has been getting rave reviews our very first episode we generated 1500 views on social media! We are now pulling in sponsors left and right and the public is loving our host DJ Tellz.

5) Fan Buzz have been receiving good streaming numbers. What is your ultimate goal for Fan Buzz?

Kiel Jones: I would like for us to become the source of up-and-coming artists where they can generate a fanbase have a great time and make a lot of money. The app has a Marketplace feature where the artist can actually get paid through fanbuzz when their fans download their songs here we offer a generous distribution Arrangement between ourselves and the artist where we only keep 10% and we lay out a 90% royalty! That’s unheard of in this business but we recognize that is the artist that has to eat ramen noodle soups scrape up change to pay for studio time and production so they should be the ones who keep the Lion’s Share of the profit we just want to help you guys get to the top. And at the same time I want to crush it to the Man

6) Your currently incarcerated basically like a similar situation that 2pac was in. Do you care to speak on your situation

Kiel Jones: I was once very distracted by money and I also got off track after my divorce and I’ve done a lot of wrong but one thing I’ve never did was raped anyone. And so the alleged victim in my case was coerced and threatened by The Fulton County DA’s office to get on the stand and lie about it so that they could secure a conviction. But I give praise and l give thanks to God almighty that the truth has now come out she has sense made a full recantation and confession and the government is very much aware of the situation. I hope that in the interest of Justice that Im exonerated from all charges. I have full faith and confidence in the American judicial system. It’s not a perfect system but is better than a lot of countries and so I have not become bitter and I have become better. I’m taking this time to reassess my life to become more conscious of those around me and I can truly say that prison has benefited me in some ways. As far as Tupac Shakur he was a wonderful talented young man who has my respect and we share the same Islamic last name.(Rasul Shakurb) He once ask me in 1994 at the Black Expo that he wanted to know what I wanted to be .I was with a group of kids who was visiting from a local organization when I met him. And I told mr. Shakur that I wanted to Simply change the world. Sometime later I was watching BET and he was being interviewed by Ed Gordon and I’m not saying this because Tupac said it but they asked him what did he want to be he said I may not be the one who changes the world but I guarantee that I will be a spark on the grain of the one who changes the world. I’m definitely that guy that Tupac was referring to.

7) How do you currently feel about the prison reform?

Kiel Jones: honestly I feel that our system is fair but obviously being falsely accused and convicted there needs to be some reform to the justice system. Never should it be so easy for a prosecutor to convict a man give him a life sentence without any physical evidence any Witnesses nothing whatsoever and people on a jury stand throw you in prison. This is an outrage to everything that is fair and righteous. I believe that prosecutors and investigators should be held to a higher standard by  providing real evidence.convicting and prosecuting American citizens should be a very time-consuming and careful process. My trial only lasted 2 days. 2 days with no evidence no Witnesses nothing whatsoever but her word versus mine and I it was decided that I had taken a woman and raped her. But there’s a bright side to all things I believe that fanbuzz is going to give people in my situation a platform and a voice so that we are heard and that’s why I’m here.

8) What can we expect from Fan Buzz in 2019?

Kiel Jones:  We are working very hard to have the app ready for download in mid to late January 2019 . Moving forward you can expect collaborations with great publications such as the R report magazine and also will working to develop our very own Bluetooth headphone set called Bumble Beats. You can also go to amazon.com and check out my book series call the Dynamics series. The series is about love health and wealth. Book number one of the series is called the Dynamics of attraction which is available for download now at amazon.com.

9) The  R Report Magazine would like to thank you for taking the time out to conduct this interview. Are there any last comments that you would like to make?

Kiel Jones:  I would like to thank the r report magazine for allowing me this opportunity to share my story with you. I think that what you guys are doing is a step up for hip hop there are a lot of Publications that are closing down going out of business in the midst of all this chaos  your determination truly shows your entrepreneurial spirit and inspires me in a great way. May Allah bless you and your family to have a very successful and prosperous 2019