@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with @KeiLaGuins

By on March 5, 2019

1) For the one’s that don’t know tell them a little about Miss Kei LaGuins?

Kei: I’m a writer, film producer,  singer, songwriter,  actress, I have sponsored others from music to film. I’m also a business owner of Kei LaGuins Productions and I’m an A&R Rep for Headsprung Entertainment.

2) At what age did you decide to start doing music?

Kei: I started when I was 5 my family use to have me singing in the choir and doing poetry. 

3) Who were some of your biggest influences as you was coming up?

Kei: Michael Jackson, Arthea Franklin, Mary J Blige as far as music but for movies and stage plays I love Tyler Perry. 

4) What was the very first song that you recorded?

Kei: Only U Knew, Gave you my Love was the first song.

5) Not only are you’re a recording artist, but you’re also in filming, and productions as well. What made you decide to start writing scripts for your own movies?

Kei: I wanted to act a little too so I decided to write myself in them but I started 2014 doing stage plays then movies which I love them both.

6) Your very multi task in this game, from working on your music, to writing, and producing your own movies, to having your own production company. What drives, and motivation you to be a triple threat? 

Kei: You have to know your purpose in life. I give GOD all the Glory. My mother and two sisters motivated me they push me every day and I want to leave a legacy for my three kids. 

7) This is a question that I asked everybody. If you could work with any mainstream artist, who would it be, and why?

Kei: Mary J Blige she’s a legend Rihanna love her style. I even loved groups back then Jagged Edge, Jodeci just to name a few 

8) You also got your own champagne, and wine. Can you tell us a little about that?

Kei: Yes I have Kei wine and Kei champagne started 2017 I also have a website www.keilaguins.com 

9) You just released you latest movie “When A Woman Loves A Man” debuting in a major cinema. Tell us a little about the movie, and what was that experience like?

Kei: It was awesome we had a packed house great turnout this movie was screened 2016 same place  with different actors/actress and director so I decided to have every cast new teamed up with Jamall McMillan who directed it for me and Tonya Hensley did the casting and this movie was amazing not saying the first one wasn’t but this was just amazing and I’m not just saying it because I wrote it. You have to see it it’s a romance thriller talks about love, relationships, everyday life. The challenges couples face when their in love and the length a woman will go to protect it no matter how difficult they may be trust me a woman is willing to do anything for the Man she loves. 

10) So what can we expect from Kei LaGuins in 2019?

Kei: I’m looking to produce more films, looking to write more, looking to put an EP out for my music looking to pitch When A Woman Loves A Man and remake of 4 hours 

11) Any last comments that you would like to make?

Kei: I want to Thank you for giving me the platform. I want to Thank everyone for their support and they can follow me on IG Kei LaGuins Facebook Kei LaGuins Productions and Kei LaGuins i’m also on Twitter Kei LaGuins Imdb Kei LaGuins and I want to shout out Str8 Fire Entertainment and Headsprung Entertainment for believing in me again I just Thank you Patrick for everything.