@TheRReport1 Exclusive Interview with @Iamrah4life Raheem the Dream by F. Tyrone Ogletree

By on June 8, 2016

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Where are they now?

We recently caught up with Atlanta Rap Legend Raheem


TheRReport:  Raheem how are you brother? I want to start off by saying that I have been a big fan since 1986.

TheRReport: Can you tell me how you got into the music business; especially during a time when the South was getting little or no recognition in the rap industry.

Raheem: I had to mark my territory, which was Atlanta; we focused on key areas inside of the Atlanta market. We chose to promote in College Park, Ben Hill, Southwest Atlanta, as well as in Decatur. After I built up a demand for my music, I began selling my tapes on the streets and in Mom and Pop stores. At the time, as a local Rap artist, the only airplay I was getting was on Friday nights on V-103 FM Fresh Party from 10 PM – 12 AM. Rap music being played in Atlanta was by artists on the East and West Coasts; local artists were only played during the Friday Night Fresh Party. My music was the first Rap music played on commercial radio on rotation in Atlanta by a local Rap Artist; it was first played by Mitch Faulkner, PD on KISS 104 FM on August 2, 1986. That was history-making in the Atlanta Rap music scene. 

TheRReport: Who are some of the artist in the rap industry that you have worked with?

 Raheem: Some of the artists/producers that I have worked with are The-Dream (formerly a member of the group, Guess Who), Drama, Dro (now Young Dro), Fabo, Dem Franchise Boyz, Yola Da Great, Tommy Gunn, Shawty Redd (Producer on Drama’s Debut Album), DJ Toomp (My first DJ), Mike Fresh (Producer on first work), Da Master (Producer), and Cooly C (Producer), Red Money (Producer on Most Beautiful Girl), Don Vito (Freak No’ Mo – most notable hit), and Sam Peezy (Producer).

TheRReport: Recently I see where you were given a proclamation by the city of Atlanta honoring you for your accomplishments in the rap industry.  I want to congratulate you on that because it was very well deserved.

Raheem: Thank you for your support; I appreciate it! In addition to the Proclamation proclaiming RAHEEM THE DREAM DAY in Atlanta, I was presented with the Mayor’s Phoenix Award, which is the highest honor bestowed on anyone by the Mayor’s Office. I am honored!

TheRReport: I know that you are still touring but can you let your fans know some things that are going on with Raheem lately such as; new artists, books, new music, etc.

Raheem: Some of the current projects that I am working on are: A Single, “We Don’t Do    Broke”, which is scheduled to be released on May 24, 2016; the completion my latest book, “The Record Business: The Uncut Truth”, which is scheduled for release about Mid-June 2016. We are also working on the completion of two Debut Albums for two of the artists (Ms. Neka and Javar) on our Indie Label, Tight 2 Def Music. We will promote two HOT Singles on each artist, which are: “Hi-Tech Love” and “Mamasita” by Javar. We will promote two HOT Singles by Ms. Neka, which are “Can’t Take It No More” and “It’s The Weekend”. We also are working on completing a Duet by both artists on the Single, “Walk on the Wild Side”.  

I will also be traveling to Dallas, Texas on June 12th to perform on the KNON 89.3 FM Latin Fest; we will feature my new artist, JAVAR, on the show. This will be his first performance since entering the music business. 

TheRReport: It has been a both a privilege and honor speaking with you.  You have been giving us great music for 30 years now and I am sure you are going to keep on pushing.  I know that your fans will be looking forward to bigger and better things from you in the near future.

F.Tyrone Ogletree